Roll of Honour and Scotch in World War One


Commemorative Website

221 Old Scotch Collegians and five staff members were casualties of World War One, a total of 226.


Honours and Awards Website

156 Old Scotch Collegians and staff were awarded decorations for their service in World War One.

These two sites are a recognition of the contribution made by Scotch Collegians to the Great War.

The Roll of Honour lists all Scotch College war dead, in chronological order.

College and official records have been used to chronicle their service.

Site Authors: The chief author of the Commemorative website is Dr Mark Johnston, Head of History, Scotch College. He has drawn extensively on the database and expertise of the School Archivist, Mr Paul Mishura. This work was transferred to the website by Mr Tom Bowen.

Page last updated: 11 November 2015